Back in business bitches!

After a quiet period and a missed opportunity to perform at Festival aan de Werf in Utrecht we’ve got a couple of new gigs lined up.
First of all we’re back to our roots at Unitek in Unitas, Wageningen on friday june 19th. The next day (sat. june 20th) we’re off to horribly christian Barneveld for a Bassick party in Villa 29.
The week after that (sat. june 27th) we’re back in Unitas for the closing festival, Bergpop.

We hope to try out some new stuff, new styles, and who knows, maybe shoot some new material inbetween. One thing is for sure, we’ll be plundering the bar on all occasions. :P

Success! First gig went nicely

Last saturday (april 5th) we had our first live VJ-performance at the Unitek party at J.V. Unitas in Wageningen.

Things that didn’t go so well and need improvement:

  • Low-power beamer didn’t deliver the desired brightness, especially since the projection came from the back of a canvas and has to shine through to the room. Also the thick smoke didnt help the viewability.
  • Resolume crashed a lot on my laptop (12 times in the 7 hours we VJ’ed), thank god buZz had thought of a backup system with his PS2 and the game Baby Universe.
  • We need more video material for a more varied performance, and some customizable text system for announcing DJ’s and other artists.

Then there’s the things that did go well:

  • We had lots of fun and no problem switching between each other’s video sources.
  • We used each other’s video material without any trouble.
  • The results looked nice in our opinions. Of course we hope the audience thought the same.

All in all I think we did very nicely for a first attempt, and we certainly have a good experience to work with for any future gigs. On to the next party!